PIETREVIVE about rock painting

In Italy it's called "sassi dipinti", in spanish it's "piedras pintadas", in french "galet peint".
It's Rock Painting, the art of painting rocks.
The difference with prehistoric cave painting is that, being a rock a three-dimensional thing, the finished piece of art is not only a painting but also a sculpture.

The birth of Modern Rock Painting dates back to the seventies, one of the very first 'how to' book was published in Germany on 1973 by author Doris Epple.(see picture)

Painting all-around is an unique artistic experience: no perspective is involved, there is no foreground or background: imagination can run wild.
All starts with the search for the natural canvas: the rock.
A walk to the seaside or along the shores of a river can become a fun safari, almost an hunt for animals that are already there, waiting to be picked up by you.
The rock must then be cleaned and washed. It's always better to chose smooth rocks, because it's easier to add smaller details, and your brushes will be both more effective and won't wear out too quickly.
After sketching the animal's features, you can start the actual painting, with acrylic paints.
If you are new to painting, I suggest that you start with a simple project and then progress to the more detailed animals with fur.
Don’t be afraid to make mistakes as you strengthen your skills, I encourage you to practice and to have fun experimenting through trial and error on your own, as I did.
Once you are more experienced, try to paint a pet from a photo or get inspired by pictures of animals from magazines and books.
There’s no limit to where this adventure can lead.

My rocks before and.... After
Golden eagle and snake

For those who can't follow my classes, my pdf lessons can be a useful help. They show, with color photos, every step of the rockpainting process from start to finish. They come in three difficulty ranks, basic - intermediate - advanced, and you can find them in the LEARNING section. Basic lessons are free for download!


Join me while I paint a commissioned cat portrait on rock, from the initial sketch and base-colors through to the completed painting worked in acrylics...

Painting Lucy - Part One
Painting Lucy - Part Two
Painting Lucy - Part Three