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Rock Painting is an art that transforms stones using paint and creativity. Painting all-around is an unique artistic experience: no perspective is involved, there is no foreground or background: imagination can run wild.
All starts with the search for the natural canvas: the rock.
Let me show you some examples of transformations and some lessons that show the step-by-step process .

Painted stones - before- after

If you are new to painting, I suggest that you start with a simple project and then progress to the more detailed animals with fur.
Don’t be afraid to make mistakes as you strengthen your skills, I encourage you to practice and to have fun experimenting through trial and error on your own, as I did.

There’s no limit to where this adventure can lead!

On this page you'll find an assortement of unique rock painting projects.
Each painting lesson is about a specific animal, it includes detailed painting instructions, suggestions for paint colors, line drawings and colour photographs.
The FREE lessons are basic, they will help you gain confidence in painting and will teach you something new, I hope.

How to paint on stone
free lessons

Three Tutorial PDF you can download


Learn how to paint a ladybug on stone 

I created these rock painting projects to help others learn how to paint on rocks and I created them from my heart, I hope they find a place in yours and encourage you to pick up a brush and enjoy rock painting.

These projects are free for download at your leisure. Happy painting!


How to paint a fish on a stone

Free lesson, downloadable PDF


How to paint a pig on stone

Free lesson, downloadable PDF


More free painting projects
are available at Creativity Portal. com

Cactus rock
How to paint an everlasting, non-thorny cactus. 
Valentine love bug
Valentine's day rock painting fun.
Written in stone
How to paint novelty open book quote rocks.
Flower basket
How to paint a basket of pansies.

How to DiY Painted Rocks Strawberry

How to stone strawberry

Step 1

Collect rocks and wash them

how to stone strawberry

Step 2

To achieve a bright red result, undercoat stone with white.

how to stone strawberry

Step 3

Basecoat with red acrylic paint.
You will probably need two coats of red.

how to paint straberry stones

Step 4

On the less pointed end of your stone, base in the hull, making 6 or 7 pointed leaves.

How to stone straberry

Step 5

With black paint, using a liner brush,randomly add the little pockets where the seeds grow. And again place a white dot on every little black pocket.

How to stones strawberry

Spray your painted stones with a varnish and display your berries in a decorative container.

How to DiY Painted Rocks Cactus

How to cactus rocks

Step 1

For this project choose elongated stones and wash them.

how to cactus stones

Step 2

Paint the rocks with different greens.
Add darker vertical lines to imitate the cactus grooves.

How to rock painting cactus

Step 3

Paint on the vertical dark lines (the ridges of the cactus) white dots and thorns.

How to stone cactus

Step 4

Mix water with quick setting plaster and pour into the jars.

how to painted stone cactus

Step 5

Dip the stones into the plaster and let dry.

How to craft stones

Add decorative sand or gravel.
Add to your succulents by gluing flowers on the top of each stone. Mine here are made from polymer clay, for example.
Here you have your everlasting decorative plants!

How to paint Animals Stones

Rock Painting Tutorials
Buy on my Etsy shop

How to paint a fro on stone pdf

Leopard frog 

PDF. 8 Pages, 16 Photos 
Paint a collection of frogs to decorate your garden. They are nice to look at and don’t croak loudly! 

How to paint a mallard duck on stone

Mallard duck

PDF. 8 Pages, 23 Photos 
Colorful mallard ducks make striking subjects for rock painting. Learn how to paint one following the step by step instructions.

How to paint a hen on stone-pdf

Mother hen and chicks

PDF. 8 Pages, 23 Photos  
A mother hen is a cute and fun project to paint on rocks, especially for an Easter display. Learn how to perform this beautiful painted 

Pietrevive Rock Art

Mouse and cheese

PDF. 9 Pages, 24 Photos 
A rat makes a perfect rock pocket pet, for this project look for a small oval shaped rock with a pointed end.

Pietrevive rock art

Sleeping kitty

PDF. 9 Pages, 27 Photos 
This lovely kitty is ready for you to paint, just find the right rock shape and follow the instructions that will lead you through every stage of the painting.

Pietrevive rock art

Labrador retriever dog

PDF. 8 Pages, 24 Photos 
The labrador retriever has always been one of the most popular breeds of dog. Their boxy foreheads and dropped ears make them similar to many other shorthaired dogs, a good reason to learn how to paint them. 

Pietrevive rock art


PDF. 6 Pages, 22 Photos 
Learn how to paint a tortoise with my technique. Instructions and photographs will lead you step by step to success in this project.

Pietrevive rock art

Black and white cat

PDF. 9 Pages, 27 Photos
Black-and-white house cats are very popular. This project gives you the opportunity to tackle the tricky problem of painting black-and-white fur.

Pietrevive rock art

Persian cat

PDF. 9 Pages, 27 Photos 
Learn how to paint this lovely tortie cat on a round shaped rock.

How to paint an owl on rock - pdf


PDF. 13 Pages, 38 Photos 
There are countless varieties of owls of many different colors and shapes. Once you have learned the basic painting technique, you will be able to paint them all.


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