PIETREVIVE my rock painting lessons

On this page you'll find an assortement of unique rock painting projects.
Each painting lesson is about a specific animal, it includes detailed painting instructions, suggestions for paint colors, line drawings and colour photographs.
The FREE lessons are basic, they will help you gain confidence in painting and will teach you something new, I hope.
About pdfs
All lessons are in PDF version, they can be delivered almost instantly, you 'll receive them as email attachment saving postage and time. You can choose to print every page or keep it on your PC.
You will be able to open, follow along and print the lessons from your Adobe Acrobat Reader. This is a free program available by clicking the link below.

The above rock painting projects are designed to help you explore the art of rockpainting. They are in pdf form that you can download. Visit the FREE LESSONS PAGE for these fun projects and more..

INTERMEDIATE LESSONS ** On sale at USD 5 each** Payable with PAYPAL
01-Leopard frog
PDF- 8 Pages,16 Photos (Intermediate)
Paint a collection of frogs to decorate your garden. They are nice to look at and don’t croak loudly! USD 5
9 Pages, 24 Photos (Intermediate)
rat makes a perfect rock pocket pet, for this project look for a small oval shaped rock with a pointed end. USD 5
PDF - 6 Pages, 22 Photos (lntermediate)
Learn how to paint a tortoise with my technique. Instructions and photographs will lead you step by step to success in this project.
04-Mallard duck
PDF - 8 Pages, 23 Photos (Intermediate)
Colorful mallard ducks make striking subjects for rock painting. Learn how to paint one following the step by step instructions. USD 5
ADVANCED LESSONS ** On sale at USD 5 each ** Payable with PAYPAL
05-Sleeping kitty
PDF - 9 Pages, 27 Photos (Advanced)
This lovely kitty is ready for you to paint, just find the right rock shape and follow the instructions that will lead you through every stage of the painting. USD 5
06-Black and white cat
PDF - 9 Pages, 27 Photos (Advanced)
Black-and-white house cats are very popular.This project gives you the opportunity to tackle the tricky problem of painting black-and-white fur. USD 5
07-Mother hen
PDF - 8 Pages, 23 Photos (Advanced)
A mother hen is a cute and fun project to paint on rocks, especially for an Easter display. Learn how to perform this beautiful painted rock.
US$ 5
PDF - 13 Pages, 38 Photos (Advanced)
There are countless varieties of owls of many different colors and shapes. Once you have learned the basic painting technique, you will be able to paint them all. US$ 5
09-Labrador retriever
PDF - 8 Pages, 24 Photos (Advanced)
The labrador retriever has always been one of the most popular breeds of dog. Their boxy foreheads and dropped ears make them similar to many other shorthaired dogs, a good reason to learn how to paint them. US$ 5
10-Persian cat
PDF - 9 Pages, 27 Photos (Advanced)
Learn how to paint this lovely tortie cat on a round shaped rock. US$ 5
PDF - 10 Pages, 28 Photos (Advanced)
Pug dogs have short legs and a stubby, muscular body. Their compactness makes them good subjects for a standing position on a rock. US$ 5
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